How to set up an appointment:

Thank You for Your purchase, You can redeem your purchase within six months since the purchase date. When You're done with Your transaction, just to call us at 303-800-7175 and set up an appointment. That's it.


At the time of the service, You will need to provide Your technician with the ORDER NUMBER that You will receive via email upon the completion of the purchase


You can buy multiple service within ONE order, but all these service will be redeemed within one service call. In case You intend to use different service in different times or different houses, please purchase each service separately. Your purchase of our service could be used as a gift or used by anyone who will have order number assigned to You transaction, so make sure that Your order number is secure.

During the purchase process, we asked for Your email address, this is where the order number will be sent, in case You don't receive your order number, please call us at

303-800-7175 for assistance.