Prime Clean Package Carpet Steam Cleaning

This is our Prime Clean Carpet Cleaning Package, the Best Carpet Cleaning Package ever, combining the power of Truckmounted Carpet Cleaning Machine with best in its class vacuums and heaters + amazing cleaning strength of Rotovac Powerwand. The Package starts with 2 rooms for $120 and if you need to add more rooms, just change the number of the rooms, the price will be automatically adjusted. 

Prime Clean Package Carpet Steam Cleaning

  • STEP 1 BEFORE THE PURCHASE: There are some things You need to remember before You made a purchase. You can buy multiple service within ONE order, but all these service will be redeemed within one service call. In case You intend to use different service at different times or in different houses, please purchase each services separately. Your purchase of our service could be used as a gift or used by anyone who will have order number assigned to You transaction, so make sure that Your order number is secure.


    STEP 2 DURING THE TRANSACTION: You will be asked for Your email address, this is where the ORDER NUMBER will be sent, in case You don't receive your order number, please call us at 303-800-7175 for assistance.


    STEP 3 CHECKOUT: Since You are buying the service, but not a product, your SHIPPING ADDRESS is just a formality and we do not want You to be confused, that something will be shipped to Your house. Your ORDER NUMBER will be emailed to you once the payment is processed. DELIVERY OPTION has been preset for FREE DELIVERY.


    STEP 4 AFTER PURCHASE: Please call or text us at 303-800-7175 to set up your cleaning and do not forget your ORDER NUMBER